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Dimecres 7 de setembre de 2016 13:00 a 13:30 Presentació oral
Corpus-based Study of Collocation Acquisition for L3 Spanish Learners
Exposa: Hui-Chuan LU, National Cheng Kung University, TAIWAN

Autors: Hui-Chuan Lu, An-Chung Cheng and Tsai-Yu Song

This corpus-based research aims to explore new insights for learning collocations of a foreign language other than English by multilingual learners. The two research questions of the study are: (1) What are the usage and error tendency in the acquisition of Spanish combinations by learners of L3 Spanish at different proficiency levels? (2) Do Taiwanese learners’ L1 Chinese and L2 English play any role in the acquisition of Spanish collocation? The data source of this research is a learner corpus, the “Taiwanese Learners’ Written Corpus of Spanish” and a trilingual corpus, the “Parallel Corpus of Spanish, English, and Chinese”. For research question 1, the results show that learners’ collocation usage order from high to low frequency is VP>NJ>JN>VN. Compared to natives’ usage order, learners underused VN collocations. Also, the developmental sequence moves from JN to NJ and then again JN construction. With respect to learner errors, learners of all proficiency levels made more grammatical than lexical types of errors in the NJ and VN combinations. The answer to research question 2 is positive from the following perspectives. Firstly, learners used less collocations than natives, which could be explained by the language differences in which there are more collocations in learners’ L3 (Spanish) than in their L1 (Chinese) and L2 (English). Secondly, results of error analysis indicated that learners of higher proficiency level were affected more by the L2, whereas L1 seemed to play a more essential role in the acquisition of the Spanish collocations in the beginning level. Thirdly, the results of contrastive analysis indicated that the learning difficulties might be associated with the differences among languages. Finally, the pedagogical implication of this study will be presented, using collocation lists of top 10 Spanish verbs according to usage frequency based on the results of analyzing data extracted from Spanish Corpus of BYU.
Desenvolupament en contextos bilingües i plurilingües
Lloc: Aula A-15

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